Geospin At Expo Real In Munich

Geospin at Expo Real in Munich

Christoph Gebele, Margret Rattay and Sebastian Wagner will be at EXPO REAL in Munich from 07-09 October 2019 to present exciting smart city solutions and applications based on self-learning algorithms in the real estate sector. These include our objective approach to…

Geospin At HTGF Family Day 2019 In Bonn

Geospin at HTGF Family Day 2019 in Bonn

Sebastian Wagner, Christoph Gebele and Philipp Behrends attended the HTGF Family Day in Bonn on 28 and 29 May together with more than 1,000 other participants from Germany and abroad. We had many interesting 1-1 meetings with investors and potential customers…

Recap: Geospin At Pioneers In Vienna

Recap: Geospin at Pioneers in Vienna

Pioneers is an ultimate meeting point for those who want to foster innovation. On May 9th and 10th, a community of 2,500 founders, investors and executives from over 100 nations gathered in the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna. Sebastian Wagner was not…

1 Logo TedxTalk Freiburg
1-Logo TedxTalk Freiburg
2-TedxTalk What Is A Neural Network
3-And I Was Like Yeyyy
4-Ted Talk Publikum Groß
5-TedxTalk Sebi Gestikuliert
6-Ted Talk Sebi Zeigt Auf Bildschirm
7TedxTalk Sebi Lächelt
8-Ted Talk Publikum
9-TedxTalk Sebi Gestikultiert Und Lacht
1 Logo TedxTalk Freiburg 2 TedxTalk What Is A Neural Network 3 And I Was Like Yeyyy 4 Ted Talk Publikum Groß 5 TedxTalk Sebi Gestikuliert 6 Ted Talk Sebi Zeigt Auf Bildschirm 7TedxTalk Sebi Lächelt 8 Ted Talk Publikum 9 TedxTalk Sebi Gestikultiert Und Lacht

Geospin at the TED Talk 2017

The Geospin founder Sebastian Wagner speaks at #TedTalkFreiburg2017 Here you'll find a video of last year's great event of us and Ted, in which have been been clarified, what a #neuronalnetwork actually means. 🤔 Thanks a lot to Lexoffice for the great video! 👏 #TEDxFreiburg #TEDxFreiburg2017 Have fun with the impressions of Geospin at #TedxFreiburg in December 2017! 😊🎉 _____________…

Geospin At Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden

Geospin at Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden

DemoDay at Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden: Dr. Christoph Gebele & Dr. Sebastian Wagner from Geospin and other startups such as ekoio; CarlundCarla and Tretbox GmbH presented the latest results after approximately 200 days of work in VW FutureMobility Incubator in Dresden.  _____________ Geospin auf Facebook Geospin auf LinkedIn Geospin auf Twitter Geospin auf Xing

Recap Gründerfrühstück With Winfried Kretschmann In Stuttgart

Recap Gründerfrühstück with Winfried Kretschmann in Stuttgart

Thanks a lot for the great morning session with Carolin Dabels from AmbiGate Bitkom, Sebastian Wagner from Geospin and Minister President of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann. It was a blast getting together within this very succesful discussion at the sites of CODE_n in Stuttgart which was moderated by Katrin-Cécile Ziegler (TV-Event-Moderatorin)…

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