Our products are pre-trained machine learning models that do not require any data input from you. You get immediate access to the regularly updated results in the desired area as soon as we have activated your account. All you need to access our interactive user interface is Internet access.

To the online tool
You can use the following products via the interactive online tool:

The analysis for charging infrastructure supports you in selecting locations for charging stations. You enter the desired postcode areas and can view the expected utilization of a charging point and its surroundings for each location in your region. The online tool also enables scoring of the locations in question for you. In this way, you can easily and objectively make the best choice of location, focus on your customers’ needs and maximize the utilization of your charging infrastructure.

Here you can access the product page of the interactive analysis for charging infrastructure

The customer finder supports you in addressing customers in a targeted and efficient manner. Our online tool illustrates customer interest in photovoltaic systems, generates address lists with high-quality leads in your sales area and enables scoring of your existing customers. In this way, you find the right customers for photovoltaic systems and can focus on high-quality leads.

Here you can access the product page of the customer finder for photovoltaic systems

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