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In the age of online shopping, strategic locations play a central role in retail business. Knowing where your customers come from and where your competitors are located gives you a market advantage. Use LIA to analyze your location, the locations of your competitors, and your customer flow – and derive concrete measures for your marketing and strategic orientation.


Frequency analyses

The integration of environmental data and frequency analysis provides a unique understanding of individual locations. When and how many people and customers are there at locations or in shops? How is the annual customer flow in your stores? LIA allows you to find this out, fine-tune your strategic orientation, and stand out from the competition.

Accessibility analyses and catchment areas

Understanding accessibility and catchment area analysis for stores is essential for your expansion planning and campaign management. Understand regional visitor distributions, customer groups, and relative market shares of your markets and those of your competitors using transactional data.

Microlocation description

With LIA, you can make any location objectively understandable at the click of a button. Save time-consuming on-site inspections – determine the potential for existing and future locations quickly and intuitively. LIA helps you to identify trend developments in specific regions at an early stage and facilitates your investment decision-making.

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Geo data revolution

Location Intelligence Assistant

Our LIA assistant uses years of experience and excellent research in the field of location intelligence.

Whether it is complex AI forecasting, influence factor determination, digital twins, or viewing and filtering millions of data points: LIA makes location intelligence simple, fast, and intuitive for you.

With the intelligent geo-data analyses from LIA, you save resources, expand your action competence – and gain advanced knowledge and a competitive edge in the market.

Location Intelligence in action

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