Location intelligence provides only visualize existing data. Geospin adds the prognosis dimension. Our machine learning models reveal geographic patterns and apply them to new areas and future times

The Geo Prediction Engine
The Geo Prediction Engine

We enrich your proprietary data with external geo-data and train an artificial intelligence to answer your questions.
Deep Learning Networks, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting… we choose a suitable and state of the art machine learning methods for your query.

Our results can be easily integrated into your reporting tools as well as GIS-Software for reliable ongoing forecasts. Data-driven prognoses empower you to prevent bad decision-making.

Trust in independent and objective analyses as a basis for your decisions
avoid costly wrong decisions
increase the profitability of your company through time and cost savings
reliable forecasts for minimizing risks and increasing sales
understand soft location factors
Geospin provides you state-of-the-art technology for data analysis.
Data Analytics

To find the right answers, we first discuss the right questions with you. In a next step, we employ state-of-the-art statistical methods to gain initial insights into your data treasures.

Geo Deep Learning

We particularly focus on geospatial analysis. Over several years of cutting edge research, we have developed methods that we tailor to your company’s challenges. The results are not just maps – they are visualizations that finally explain all aspects of your data.

Predictive Analytics

All of these detailed results do not just reflect the status quo. Our software calculates temporal and spatial predictions according to your specifications. Thereby, it provides you with the best basis for your strategic decisions. This facilitates, for example, the determination of expansion areas or the real-time forecast of customer demand.

You provide to be analyzed data.
You provide to be analyzed data.
We add more than 800 Geo data sources.
We add more than 800 Geo data sources.

The Geo Prediction Engine at work:
Machine Learning approaches find the underlying
processes and hidden patterns in the assembled data.

You can easily integrate the trained models into your business intelligence system using a flexible API solution.

You receive our forecasts as detailed report and geo-coded heatmap.

The best fit for your industry
The best fit for your industry

Our analysis methods prove useful to many industries.

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