Customer finder for photovoltaic systems:

Challenge: Only a few customers deal intensively with energy-related products. This means that it is difficult for energy suppliers to sell products such as photovoltaic systems. They are technically complicated, require explanation and usually represent a major investment. In addition, as in any new market, there are initially only a few customers and therefore hardly any experience with the target group. However, this is essential for building up an efficient sales force. At the same time, there also exists a fundamental openness towards these products: According to a survey by the Agency for Renewable Energy, 89 percent of Germans are in favour of the use and expansion of renewable energy systems and consider it very important. Municipal utilities therefore need an instrument to locate precisely these customers and thus to be able to control sales measures in a more targeted manner.

Solution: The customer finder is an intuitive and interactive a tool that supports you in addressing your customers in a targeted and efficient manner. The online tool illustrates the customer interest in photovoltaic systems, generates address lists with high-quality leads in your sales area and enables scoring of your existing customers. The basis for the Customer Finder is a machine learning model that uses numerous customer data from German cities and rural areas as a training basis. The surroundings of the sales locations are made transparent with more than 800 geodata sources. By linking customer data and external geodata, we understand the underlying geographical patterns. This enables us to forecast where potential new customers can be found. 

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This is why it is worthwhile to rely on our customer finder
You get immediate access to the regularly updated analysis results in your sales area.
You do not need to contribute IT know-how or data. All you need to access our interactive user interface is Internet access.
Increase your sales by generating high-quality leads.
Reduce your customer acquisition costs through a focused customer approach and high chances of success.
Identify promising areas and pre-qualify addresses. This also works for regions without experience.
Use the customer finder again and again to identify potential new customers.


The basis for our analysis is a geographic area of interest in Germany. You simply select the postcodes that belong to your sales area.

A heat map shows the regions in which customer interest in photovoltaic systems is particularly high. You can also have the address evaluated.

In our online tool you can filter the areas according to customer affinity. Use the regularly updated results for one year to maximize your sales success.


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