Analysis for charging infrastructure:

Challenge: Attractiveness and acceptance of electric vehicles crucially depends on a public, accessible and exhaustive charging infrastructure. However, the implementation and maintenance of such infrastructure is characterized by high cost and low efficiency. The performance depends on finding the optimal location. A lack of previous experience often complicates the identification of these ideal locations.

Solution: The analysis for charging infrastructure predicts the expected utilizations of charging stations – across all of Germany. Choosing the optimal location is thus straight-forward, for instance by maximizing the utilization rates of your charging infrastructure. The model was trained on historical charging processes across 6,000 charging points in German cities and rural areas, exploiting over 800 additional geo-data sources. 

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This is why it is worthwhile to rely on our analysis for charging infrastructure
independent and objective analysis as a basis for your investment decisions
increase the profitability of your charging infrastructure
early securing of the most attractive locations for charging stations
alignment of your charging infrastructure in line with the needs of your customers
analyses also possible in regions, cities and municipalities without market data
economic and ecological upgrade of the area

The basis for our analysis is a geographic area of interest in Germany. You simply select the postcodes relevant for you.

In our online tool, you can display the expected utilization of charging points for each location throughout Germany.

A filter function allows you to view interesting areas separately. You can also check your own locations and download the results in PDF format.

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