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Geospin at the TED Talk 2017

The Geospin founder Sebastian Wagner speaks at #TedTalkFreiburg2017 Here you'll find a video of last year's great event of us and Ted, in which have been been clarified, what a #neuronalnetwork actually means. 🤔 Thanks a lot to Lexoffice for the great video! 👏 #TEDxFreiburg #TEDxFreiburg2017 Have fun with the impressions of Geospin at #TedxFreiburg in December 2017! 😊🎉 _____________…

ZfK Article About Geospin Project With ESWE

ZfK article about Geospin project with ESWE

 Great article by ZfK - Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft online about our project with ESWE Versorgungs AG which is pushing forward #electromobility in Wiesbaden! 🎉 Within this specific project Geospin is evaluating the optimization of charging stations for electric vehicles. #Elektromobilitaet #PredictiveAnalytics #geospinpress#geodeeplearning #bigdataanalytics #bigdata #geospatial _____________ Contact us   & follow our channels     

Seed Funding Thuega Presseartikel

Thuega press release about Seedfunding Thanks a lot for the great article by Thuega about the seedfunding for Geospin which was enabled by High-Tech Gründerfonds and Thüga Aktiengesellschaft. 😌🙌💪 #seedfunding #thuega #htgf _____________ Contact us  & follow our channels     

HTGF Article About Geospin Seed Funding

HTGF article about Geospin seed funding

Article about seed funding in german and english  We are extremely happy about all the new opportunities opening up and excited about the future developments arising from the seed funding of HTGF and Thuega Aktiengesellschaft for Geospin! Here you'll find the original twitterpost of HTGF about the funding _____________ Contact us  & follow our channels       

Exclusive Press Release About Seedfunding By Gründerszene

Exclusive press release about seedfunding by Gründerszene

Exclusive press release about seedfunding by Gründerszene We are very happy about the exklusive article by Jana Kugoth from Ngin Mobility editorial departmant of Gründerszene. The seed funding for Geospin was enabled by High-Tech Gründerfonds and Thüga Aktiengesellschaft! A big thanks to all colleagues and our partners who have…

Artikel über Die Win Win Kollaborationen Von Startups Wie Geospin Und Unternehmen Wie Der Deutschen Bahn

Artikel über die Win Win Kollaborationen von Startups wie Geospin und Unternehmen wie der Deutschen Bahn

Artikel über die Win Win Kollaborationen von Startups wie Geospin, SiutIUT, LISNR, Ebot7info und großen Unternehmen wie der Deutsche Bahn AG, wie diese sich gegenseitig unterstützen und voneinander lernen und profitieren können. Ein großes Dankeschön an DB mindbox! Den ganzen Artikel von TOMSPike gibt es hier. Auf der Website…

Geospin Is Startup Of The Week In Automobilwoche

Geospin is startup of the week in Automobilwoche

We're very happy about the fact that Geospin was named "startup of the week 22nd February 2018 in Automobilwoche! As premium client, you'll find the article about our analysis on start-stop-automatic mechanisms by Agnes Vogt here. The article presents the exciting project Geospin was working on in cooperation with Data:Lab Munich connecting engineering and data science…