Automated rent and price forecasts for commercial and residential properties


Thousands of commercial and residential properties are evaluated on the market every day. For the assessment, complex valuations have to be carried out and information has to be gathered from a wide variety of sources. Frequently, not all data is accessible, which contributes to the fact that the evaluations are often incomplete and very costly and time-consuming. In addition, experienced personnel are needed. The people responsible at LB ImmoWert wanted to change this – and create a significant increase in efficiency in the evaluation process.


For LB ImmoWert, Geospin has developed an independent and objective analysis as a basis for location evaluations and investment decisions. This enables property evaluations at the push of a button for the top cities in Germany. Through LIA, the evaluation is also possible in areas and quarters without market data and empirical values.

Market data for commercial as well as residential properties, property characteristics and over 800 location parameters serve as the basis for this analysis. From this, LIA learns the complex structures that influence the location and value of a specific property. This enables a more accurate and faster location assessment as well as rent and price estimates – at lower cost.

Customer testimonials

»Geospin’s analyses enable objective location assessments and reliable rent and price forecasts at the push of a button. As a result, we improve our evaluations and increase our efficiency.«

Christian Seidel, Managing Director LB ImmoWert

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Benefit from LIA

LIA enables you to make the right decisions in your industry. Analyze and evaluate at the click of a button – and gain a locational and competitive advantage.

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Geo data revolution

Location Intelligence Assistent

Our LIA assistant uses years of experience and excellent research in the field of location intelligence.

Whether it is complex AI forecasting, influence factor determination, digital twins, or viewing and filtering millions of data points: LIA makes location intelligence simple, fast, and intuitive for you.

With the intelligent geo-data analyses from LIA, you save resources, expand your action competence – and gain advanced knowledge and a competitive edge in the market.

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