Recap Gründerfrühstück With Winfried Kretschmann In Stuttgart

Recap Gründerfrühstück with Winfried Kretschmann in Stuttgart

Thanks a lot for the great morning session with Carolin Dabels from AmbiGate Bitkom, Sebastian Wagner from Geospin and Minister President of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann. It was a blast getting together within this very succesful…

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Geospin Use Case In Cooperation With Data:Lab Munich – Article In Automotorsport

Geospin Use Case in cooperation with Data:Lab Munich - article in automotorsport

In the auto motor & sport issue from January 2018, Dirk Gulde presents another exciting project from Geospin in cooperation with Data:Lab Munich connecting engineering and data science for optimized start-stop-automatic…

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CEO Of Geospin Was One The Speakers At TEDxFreiburg

CEO of Geospin was one the speakers at TEDxFreiburg

** Today's Goodread ** „Five things you could learn from TED Talks in Freiburg“ Founded by Gabriel and Tobias Brüser,  TED Talks took place for the second time in #Freiburg last saturday,…

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Don’t Miss: Geospin At Gründerfrühstück By Get Started By Bitkom In Stuttgart

Don't miss: Geospin at Gründerfrühstück by Get Started by Bitkom in Stuttgart

2018 starts with a major date on the calender with #WinfriedKretschmann, AmbiGate GmbH & Geospin at #Gründerfrühstück hosted by Get Started by Bitkom in #Stuttgart Jan 17th! Hello 2018, hello #gsgf, we're coming for you!  ___…

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Geospin In DB Mindbox Berlin Due To A Project With BMVI

Geospin in DB Mindbox Berlin due to a project with BMVI

  Thanks a lot for the productive time in DB mindbox in #Berlin! Among the #startups QXL and Plan:kooperativ, Dr. Christoph Gebele could present the recent work of Geospin. Within…

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Geospins CEO At TEDxFreiburg 2017

Geospins CEO at TEDxFreiburg 2017

  Geospins CEO Dr. Sebastian Wagner is one of the speakers of the TED Talkswithin the TED Conferences in Freiburg December 2nd 2017!   A sneak peek of what he is going to talk about:   "Sebastian Wagner is CEO…

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Geospin At Hypermotion In Frankfurt

Geospin at Hypermotion in Frankfurt

Dr. Wagner & Dr. Gebele represented Geospin at the booth of Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie at Hypermotion in Frankfurt. Hypermotion is a new platform for digital transformation and…

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Geospin At Hypermotion 2017 In Frankfurt

Geospin at Hypermotion 2017 in Frankfurt

We are pleased to announce that Geospin will attend Hypermotion on 20 November 2017 in Frankfurt! Hypermotion is a new platform for digital transformation and combines exhibition, congress and workshops in one…

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