Geospin Is Referred To As “Promising Upcomer” In The Range Of Parking And Smart City

Geospin is referred to as "Promising Upcomer" in the range of Parking and Smart City

We feel honored being listed as "Promising Upcomer" in the Parking & Smart City sector among the European Mobility Startup Landscape! We're very excited to see what's in store for Geospin…

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Geospin-Cofounder Tobias Brandt Is Giving A Presentation On His Work In Predictive Policing In London On April 1st

Geospin-Cofounder Tobias Brandt is giving a presentation on his work in predictive policing in London on April 1st

Aligning Prediction and Decision Quality in Smart City Operations: Insights from Predictive Policing Thanks to the The Alan Turing Institute and Konstantin Klemmer for inviting Geospin to give a presentation on Tobias Brandts' work comparing decision and prediction…

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Geospin At Hannovermesse From April 1st – 5th 2019 In Hannover

Geospin at Hannovermesse from April 1st - 5th 2019 in Hannover

Geospin at Hannovermesse in Hannover #HM19 #YTE #hannovermesse #geospinfairs Margret Rattay, Laura Gumbert, Philipp Behrends and Christoph Gebele from Geospin will be at the Hannover Messe from April 1st - 5th 2019 in Hannover. We are keen on all new impressions, the interesting speakers, exhibitors, the great program. Geospin…

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#Geospinfairs – Start-up BW Summit In Stuttgart In February 2019

#Geospinfairs - Start-up BW Summit in Stuttgart in February 2019

 Geospin at Start-up BW Summit 2019 February 1, 2019 - from 9 am until 6 pm Location: Messe Stuttgart Geospin's first Start-up fair in Stuttgart this year! Philipp Behrends will be part of Start-up BW Summit February 1st 2019 at Messe Stuttgart. Come…

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Geospin At Kinnovate In Munich

Geospin at Kinnovate in Munich

Philipp Behrends from Geospin at Kinnovate in Munich In December, Philipp Behrends was at Kinnovate in Munich representing Geospin. The new format of Business Matchings connects suppliers and demanders of KI solutions at all levels - start-ups, companies…

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Geospin At NEXT20 On November 15th In Munich

Geospin at NEXT20 on November 15th in Munich

November 15th 2018, Geospin will attend the leading forum NEXT20 in Munich about radical innovations. In real estate, there will happen more technological changes in the next 10 than in the last 50 years which…

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Geospin At DeepTech4Good In Stuttgart November 7th 2018

Geospin at DeepTech4Good in Stuttgart November 7th 2018

GEOSPIN AT DeepTech4Good (#DT4G) IN STUTTGART NOVEMBER 7th 2018 Philipp Behrends and Christoph Gebele from Geospin will participate in DeepTech4Good in Stuttgart on November 7th @Haus Der Wirtschaft from 08:45 AM to 6:00 PM. We are excited to meet up…

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Participation Of Geospin At Networking Travel Industry Club In Frankfurt

Participation of Geospin at Networking Travel Industry Club in Frankfurt

NETWORKING EVENT TRAVEL INDUSTRY CLUB “URBAN FUTURE” IN FRANKFURT "Urbanization is accelerating, urbanization is reality." - This was Philipp Behrends statement during the Uban Future Networking event in Frankfurt. Philipp Behrends acted as keynote…

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