Geospin At Plug And Play Sustainability In Munich

Geospin at Plug and Play Sustainability in Munich

Geospin has been pre-selected by the partners in the EU Energy & Sustainability program. At Plug and Play Sustainability, the latest developments in the energy industry will be discussed and…

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Press Release From Thüga Aktiengesellschaft About The Digital Leader Award

Press release from Thüga Aktiengesellschaft about the Digital Leader Award

We are very pleased that together with Thüga AG, we were selected from 111 participants and won the bronze medal of the renowned Digital Leader Award! 😊 The press release…

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Computerwoche Reports On The Cooperation Between Thüga AG And Geospin

Computerwoche reports on the cooperation between Thüga AG and Geospin

This article by Computerwoche addresses the issue of accelerating the energy transition. The cooperation between Thüga AG and Geospin makes it possible to link data from municipal utilities with expertise from…

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Geospin At HTGF Family Day 2019 In Bonn

Geospin at HTGF Family Day 2019 in Bonn

Sebastian Wagner, Christoph Gebele and Philipp Behrends attended the HTGF Family Day in Bonn on 28 and 29 May together with more than 1,000 other participants from Germany and abroad.…

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Recap: Geospin At Pioneers In Vienna

Recap: Geospin at Pioneers in Vienna

Pioneers is an ultimate meeting point for those who want to foster innovation. On May 9th and 10th, a community of 2,500 founders, investors and executives from over 100 nations gathered…

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Geospin At Pioneers On May 9th And 10th In Vienna – And On TV!

Geospin at Pioneers on May 9th and 10th in Vienna - and on TV!

Sebastian Wagner is going to attend Pioneers on May 9th and 10th. A global community of selected startups, executives and investors join forces under the roof of the 500-year-old Hofburg Imperial Palace…

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Geospin Is Referred To As “Promising Upcomer” In The Range Of Parking And Smart City

Geospin is referred to as "Promising Upcomer" in the range of Parking and Smart City

We feel honored being listed as "Promising Upcomer" in the Parking & Smart City sector among the European Mobility Startup Landscape! We're very excited to see what's in store for Geospin…

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Geospin-Cofounder Tobias Brandt Is Giving A Presentation On His Work In Predictive Policing In London On April 1st

Geospin-Cofounder Tobias Brandt is giving a presentation on his work in predictive policing in London on April 1st

Aligning Prediction and Decision Quality in Smart City Operations: Insights from Predictive Policing Thanks to the The Alan Turing Institute and Konstantin Klemmer for inviting Geospin to give a presentation on Tobias Brandts' work comparing decision and prediction…

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