Product Presentation: The Customer Finder For Photovoltaic Systems And Gas Heaters

Product presentation: The customer finder for photovoltaic systems and gas heaters

Targeted and efficient addressing of customers with the help of Artificial Intelligence This week we introduce the customer finder for photovoltaic systems and gas heaters to you. When entering the market for…

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Product Presentation: Further Development Of The Analysis For Charging Infrastructure

Product presentation: Further development of the analysis for charging infrastructure

Easy and targeted access to the best locations for electric charging stations with artificial intelligence In the near future, we will present already established as well as new Geospin products.…

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The Customer Finder Has Won The Audience Voting At The Thüga Meeting 2019!

The customer finder has won the audience voting at the Thüga meeting 2019!

On November 7th the annual Thüga meeting took place in Munich with the motto Inspire.Inform.Involve. The panelists drew a positive balance from the last ten years since the municipalization of Thüga.…

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Electromobility Is And Will Remain A Burning Issue

Electromobility is and will remain a burning issue

In recent days, the German government has decided to significantly accelerate the expansion of charging stations for electric vehicles. In order to meet the EU's climate targets, electric cars will…

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First Geospin Webinar With Niklas Goby – August 2019 (German Only)

First Geospin webinar with Niklas Goby - August 2019 (German only)

Here you can watch the very first Geospin webinar by Niklas Goby from August 2019. Not only is he one of the five Geospin founders and machine learning expert, he is…

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Geospin Won The First Place In The Category “E-Charging Stations” At The MVM Hackathon In Budapest!

Geospin won the first place in the category "E-Charging Stations" at the MVM Hackathon in Budapest!

On October 8th and 9th, Philipp Behrends from Geospin was at the MVM Hackathon powered by Smart Future Lab in Budapest. NKM is one of the largest grid operators of…

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Geospin Is One Of The Top 100 PropTech Companies In Europe!

Geospin is one of the Top 100 PropTech companies in Europe!

Together with international partners, BUILTWORLD scouted over 2.400 European real estate, construction and smart city startups. More than 600 tech companies from all over Europe were competing for a spot…

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Geospin At Expo Real In Munich

Geospin at Expo Real in Munich

Christoph Gebele, Margret Rattay and Sebastian Wagner will be at EXPO REAL in Munich from 07-09 October 2019 to present exciting smart city solutions and applications based on self-learning algorithms in…

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