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Geospin at new.New Festival from October 8th – 10th 2018 in Stuttgart

Geospin at new.New Festival organized by Code_n in Stuttgart

Laura Gumbert and Philipp Behrends from Geospin will participate at the new.New Festival by code_N from October 8th-10th 2018.

We are keen on all new impressions, the new.New Festival highlights, the interesting speakers, the great program which includes a lot of side events, a hackathon and a variety of workshops attendees can register for – the sooner the better of course!  😊

Our booth will be at the Accelerator 6 – as always recognizable by our well-known map😉 We are really looking forward to great conversations with our customers and all visitors and a lot of successful and entertaining networking! 💬🤗

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