We help you to exploit the full potential of your geospatial data.
How to profit from data:
How to profit from data:
Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics
Geo Deep Learning
Geographic Insights
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

In three stages, we help you to offer your service at the right time and the right place. We support you from start to optimum. From data editing and cleaning to data analysis and prediction – we are your reliable partner in finding specific answers to challenges you company is facing.

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Success Stories
Geo Deep Learning for parking forecasts in metropolitan regions

Geospin has successfully supported Robert Bosch GmbH by developing machine learning methods for parking forecasts in metropolitan regions. Various methods, such as neural networks, were developed and validated within the community-based parking project.

Machine learning for mobility demand forecasts

As part of a joint project with Siemens AG, Geospin is developing models to predict mobility demand in cities. Machine learning methods are used in particular. 

For more information see the following article: Startups welcome!

Analysis for charging stations and an extensive mobility concept

Together with the Thüga platform Smartlab (Ladenetz.de) and Thüga Innovation Management, Geospin developed an analytical framework for optimized public charging infrastructure. The application is powered by cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.
For more information check: With algorithms to new charging station locations

For further information see the Thuega product sheet.

Neuer Artikel über Geospin Des EMobilität Blogs Von Johannes Riese

Neuer Artikel über Geospin des eMobilität Blogs von Johannes Riese

Vielen Dank für den neuesten Artikel über Geospin emobOnline! "Intelligenter Algorithmus für die Standortwahl von Ladestationen…

ZfK Artikel über Das Projekt Mit Der ESWE

ZfK Artikel über das Projekt mit der ESWE

Toller Artikel der ZfK - Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft online über unser Projekt mit der ESWE Versorgungs AG wodurch #Elektromobilität in Wiesbaden vorangetrieben…

Presseartikel Der Thuega Aktiengesellschaft über Seed Funding

Presseartikel der Thuega Aktiengesellschaft über Seed Funding

Presseartikel über Seedfunding We are very happy about the article by Thuega about the seed funding for Geospin enabled by…


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